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Outsiderin” ist die Darstellung eines immer wiederkehrenden Gefühls in diesen Zeiten: ich falle in die Ungewissheit. Ein riesiges Netz gibt mir Halt, doch ich falle aus diesem Netz heraus und finde mich in einer anderen Umgebung wieder: am Boden. Nicht am Boden zerstört, ich finde mich letzlich doch zurecht, aber: was passiert mit mir als Mensch in einer Gesellschaft, wo die gefühlte Sicherheit schwindet, die sozialen Ungleichheiten wachsen und die mediale Kontrolle zunimmt?

(Elisa Marschall)

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Elisa Marschall
Music Composition: Tim Kienecker

Duration: ca. 7:35″

Ich bin nicht nur ein Körper, aber wenn du willst, kann ich tanzen

This choreographic solo began as a dialogue between Blanca Noguerol and Pau Aran. A dialogue about identity and the exploration of their origins. Their shared path from Barcelona to Wuppertal. The circumstances inside and outside Germany. They have both trodden a similar path that coincidentally brought them together in the spring of 2005. Since then a friendship was forged from their shared roots, as they both tried to build foundations in a new place far away from home.

Inspired by the reminiscences of ‘Brocken’, this piece aims to observe the concepts of power, femininity and freedom in a new prism. To do that, we need to move forward together unknowingly, without first remembering what happened before. The paradigm that emerges suggests replacing the political with the poetic. At some point in the process texts from Federico García Lorca’s ‘Mariana Pineda’ appeared.

(Pau Aran)

Direction: Pau Aran
Created with & performed by: Blanca Noguerol Ramírez
Dramaturgy: Silvia Munzón López
Music: Armand Amar & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘Catalunya Radio Overture’ (Radio), Maria del Mar Bonet, ‘Les Maces de la Patum’ (Folk music from Catalonia), Ovidi Montllor, Janis Joplin, Nina Hagen & The Capital Dance Orchestra, Tim Kienecker
Lightning Design: Peter Bellinghausen
Set Design: Pau Aran, Silvia Munzón López
Video: Charlie Cattrall, Klaus Dilger

Duration: ca. 25″

Expeditions-A collective choreographic improvisation

Concept and Direction: Jorge Puerta Armenta
Concept & Performance: Ruth Amarante, Peter Bellinghausen, Tsai-Wei Tien, Çağdaş Ermis, Jonathan Fredrickson, Fernando Jacon, Blanca Noguerol Ramírez, Breanna O’Mara, Lars Priesack, Jorge Puerta Armenta, Julian Stierle, Jo Verlei, Ophelia Young
Music: The Avalanches, Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Max Richter, Roedelius, Roy Orbison, Tim Kienecker and others
Outside Eye: Christian Koch
Light Design: Fernando Jacon
On Stage Light Operators: Peter Bellinghausen, Lars Priesack and Jo Verlei
Production: Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Duration: ca. 60″


Magic realism and surrealism in action. Real stories in times of crisis, violence, as well as love and hope. The cruel and devastating reality of the Latin American farmers in relation with time, space and life itself. Customs and traditions, transformed by and confronted with contemporaneity.  

“WhARTever Should Happen –Eine Welt auf dem Kopf” recreates through metaphors and reflected images of humans, the aesthetic mirror of many cultures. The furious and infamous Latin America, with its cruel and infinite beauty, is seen through the experience of three artists with their own, very different journeys through South America, which ultimately led them to Europe.

While there is a very different reality ‘back home’, they have enjoyed and grown in their new context. Fernando Derks (Peru-Holland), Alexander Carrillo (Colombia) and Carolina Ortega (Venezuela) reflect on what makes them part of a seemingly homogeneous group within Europe: Latinos.

Full of irony, uncertainty and melancholy, they generate dialogues from artistic and political perspectives, drawing from cosmogony to the current political, social and environmental situation in South America today. The artists focus on our ‘human’ character, transcending ‘individual’ cultural specificities to reach the ‘universal’, the stories that are woven in the dramaturgy show us that, after all, we all have the same roots.

(Alexander Carrillo)

Choreography & Direction: Alexander Carrillo
Performers: Alexander Carrillo, Fernando Derks
Dramaturgy/Assistant: Carolina Ortega
Music: Tim Kienecker, Fernando Derks
Camera: Irene Izquierdo
Light-Design: Asier Solana
Photographers: Anastasia Coyto, Dieter Hartwig
Production: Alexander Carrillo
Supporters: DOCK 11 Berlin

Duration: ca. 70″

(featured image by Dieter Hartwig)

Blackout – memory rewind

Blind Mind

What happens when you realize that you are starting to forget, and memories and thoughts slowly disappear from your mind? If the images, smells, cognition, thoughts, stories, and language information in your mind are lost, logical thinking will also disappear, and when the emotional changes become more intense, which feelings will be deleted? How will we keep it? If you try to use different forms of communication, continuous repetitive exercises to slow down the forgetting, can such research prevent the continued degeneration of the brain after the disease? The antidote to memory continues Blackout, can there be a glimmer of hope in the future today?


Choreography: Lai Cuishuang / Michael Hess
Dancers: Chen Kaiyun, Chen Hongling, Gan Hanxin, He Ziying, Michael Hess, Alexander Carrillo
Physical/Actor/Voice Director: Ye Wenhao
Lighting design: Shen Baihong
Video Design: Chen Changzhi
Video production: Ardalan Aram
Music composition & Sound design: Tim Kienecker
Graphic design: Chen Wende
Graphic photography: Chen Changzhi
Rehearsal photography: Chen Changzhi

go to the Audio Demos section to listen to a short excerpt.

Duration:ca. 30″

Distópia Visuál [2.0]

artistic concept

Distópia Visuál come out from the desire to express personal experiences in the form of performance. Distópia Visuál investigate the effect on personal perception of a physical transformation. A surgery of both eyes leads toward a new way to look at reality to the subject. The choreography is a dialogue between two bodies and interactive space of light tubes. The bodies and the stage in which walk the public, change with light and darkness, motions and reflections, expressing the process suffered by the dancers.
(Luca Carrubba,

Concept: Luca Carrubba, Gina Castilla
Choreography & Performance: Gina Castilla, Alexander Carrillo
Stage Desgin: Francesca Mereu
Programming: Luca Carrubba, Francesca Mereu
Music Composition: Giuseppe Montagna, Tim Kienecker

Duration: ca. 30″

Production: Estereotips and co-produced by L’Estruch Sabadell (Catalunya)

more info about Distópia Visuál [2.0] here

T.I.G.R.E. intérieur

A piece from a feminin point of view to the world, expressed through the body language of an animal. Learning to become invisible when it’s needed to be invisible, becoming loud when it’s necessary to be heard. Becoming our own compass in this world, by taking a step out of our own shadow.
The tiger is approaching
Ready to defend

(Anca Huma)

Concept & Performance: Anca Huma
Music Compostion: Tim Kienecker
Light Design & Photography: Reinhard Hubert
Styling: Amrei Andrasch
Video Editing: Jacques-Andre Dupont

Duration: ca. 25″